Drinking a cup of tea is practicing Zen in five minutes!

The daily process of brewing tea is also the perfect time for calming your body, spirit, and mind. The first one and a half minutes start from pouring hot water into the teapot, watching water vapor drift into the air, waiting for tea leaves to slowly steep and yield their flavor. Concentrating on breathing in and out, bringing your mind back to your body, and focusing on the present moment. Sipping the warmth and smoothness of the tea with mindfulness and appreciation for three and a half minutes.

A total of five minutes for the tea meditation ceremony is the zen of tea that allows you to reach a calm and meditative state. The tea meditation ceremony ensures time and space for peace and tranquility. Simple steps slowly bring peace to your mind through the practice of tea meditation.

Just a few minutes of meditation, concentrating on the present, clearing your mind, and being mindful to reach Zen meditation… that is the “Zen of tea”!

Tea drinking is a switch to turn work mode on and off

The ceremony of brewing a pot of good tea and meditation starts from preparing water for tea brewing, placing teaware and accessories, pouring hot water, and observing tea leaves swirl as the water pours over them. The tea leaves yield the flavor and elegant fragrance, transforming water into an amber color. Enjoy a cup of good tea by inhaling the mild and refreshing aroma, sipping slowly and calmly. This simple tea meditation practice settles you down physically and mentally in order to reach the moment of peace for your mind and soul.

Tea and Yoga – A perfect match!

Yoga is an aerobic exercise focused on strengthening muscles and breathing. Achieving a balance of body and mind through breathing, focusing, and relaxing practices. Just like yoga, pursuing oneness of body and mind is a lifestyle of slowing down. Slowly relax your body, mind, and spirit during every tea ceremony. Similar to practicing yoga, observe your inner self in-depth, extracting yourself from thoughts and emotions, focusing on the present moment, and pursuing a moment of peace for your mind and soul. Pause longer for peace in your mind, stay focused on breathing and being calm, train and cultivate your mind and humanity. The art of slowing down one of the key elements of tea drinking and yoga practice!