Tea culture in Taiwan

Tea culture in Taiwan has developed over a hundred years. Tea is an essential part of daily life and social gatherings, a symbol for worshipping, weddings, and the art of doing business.

“Hospitable and friendly tea ceremony on the tea table” Delicate and elegant tea ceremony on the tea table”, and “Bubble Tea” which is becoming a popular around the world, are all part of the beautiful tea culture in Taiwan. To the Taiwanese, tea drinks are just a part of daily life!

The art of tea crafting

The hundred-years old outstanding technique and art of tea-crafting in Taiwan

Taiwan has many high altitude mountains and hills with an extreme temperature difference between day and night, and fertilized soils perfect to grow tea. Master tea craftsmen in Taiwan are highly skilled and known throughout the world for their precise control over the degree of fermentation. Master tea roasters have the highest rank of skills to control temperatures. They are artisans of tea. The color of tea varies from honey green, green-yellow, yellow-green, golden yellow, yellow-orange, yellow-brown, amber, orange-red, to brilliant red that each has a unique flavor and aroma. The most dramatic and complex changes in color, flavor, and taste come from the outstanding skills and techniques of master tea craftsmen and master tea roasters in Taiwan.


The best way of drinking tea is the way of common good!

Dae be Collective uses natural corn fiber for our tea bags. It is an eco-friendly material and can 100% naturally decompose, reducing waste when you enjoy a cup of good tea.
With the help of future technology, our ultimate goal is that all packaging can be naturally and completely decomposed in order to reduce pollution. Purchasing our products is a way of showing your support for our eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable action.

High quality & affordable price

Our priority is to present high-quality tea at an affordable price to our customers.

The condition of the tea leaf tells you the quality of a tea. High quality tea has the smooth and complex flavor profiles, and the sweet aftertaste lingers at the back of your throat long after the tea is swallowed. Dae Be Collective carefully selects high quality tea. You can feel the effort of the artisan tea growers and craftsmen through the taste of our tea.
We buy tea directly from tea growers allows us to assure the quality of tea and support the local industry. Our priority is presenting high-quality tea at an affordable price to our customers.